More than 650 runners took off down Moccasin Bend Road Saturday morning, running for one racer who couldn't be there.

In 2015, professional runner Cameron Bean was killed by a hit and run driver on Moccasin Bend. His passing inspired his coworkers at Fast Break Athletics to rename the last race he won the Cam Run, after their friend.

"When something tragic like that happens, everyone wants to make a memorial run,” Fast Break owner Alan Outlaw said. “We wanted it to be more of a celebration of life."

Outlaw says the dual races, a morning 5k and evening mile, reflect who Cameron was.

"Both of those races are kind of really indicative of the character and persona Cameron had,” he said. “It's a fast, furious, fun kind of morning and afternoon."

Cameron's family is also a big part of the annual event. His mother, Lisa, says even though the race is for her son, she knows everyone has someone to run for.

"We're not the only people grieving. In a group this size, there are so many people who are missing people today,” Bean said. “And we just want them to run for the person that they're missing today."

As the crowds cheered on the finishers, Bean says she knows Cameron was cheering too.

"If Heaven is watching, he's cheering for everybody. The person who wins and the person who's last,” she said.

The top 25 finishers from the men's and women's categories qualified to compete in the Magnum Mile, 12 hours after the morning race. Proceeds from the race go to local running groups, as well as a scholarship at Cameron’s alma mater.