School systems across the state of Tennessee are testing their water for lead in schools built before 1998. Bradley County tested 12 of their schools this summer. 

List of Schools:

  • Black Fox Elementary School 
  • Bradley Central High School 
  • Charleston Elementary School 
  • GOAL Academy 
  • Hopewell Elementary School 
  • Lake Forest Middle School 
  • Michigan Ave Elementary School 
  • North Lee Elementary School 
  • Oak Grove Elementary School 
  • Prospect Elementary School 
  • Taylor Elementary School 
  • Valley View Elementary School 

"The reason why 12 were tested because the public charter 977 from the state of Tennessee said any building built prior to January the 1st 1998," said Johnny Mull. 

Mull is the Operations Supervisor for Bradley County Schools, he said Bradley County chose to test water and resolve and issues before the 2021 deadline that law makers set. 

"That we were proactive and we went ahead and took care of it on the front end because we want our students and our faculty to be safe," said Mull. 

In May, a company called TruePani tested the water in 12 of the county's 17 schools. 

"They kind of told us the process, the would go and sample all of our drinking sources and food sources involving water," said Mull. 

They tested 141 sources of water, of those 141, one faucet tested about 20 parts per billion and another tested above 15 parts per billion specified by the charter.

Both of those faucets were removed. 

The others didn't comply with the American Association of Pediatrics, they're standard is higher, at one part per billion. 

"That's not even part of the charter, we just took care of those just because they showed any lead," said Mull. 

Testing water for is lead is a good thing to do according to nurse practitioner for CHI Memorial Convenient Care Kayla Johnson. 

"Any amount of it you're ingesting can be harmful," said Johnson. 

Lead consumption can come with some serious consequences. 

"You can see growth restriction, anemia, fatigue, headaches, learning disabilities," said Johnson. 

Since May, Mill said water sources have been retested after repairs, and were good to go for the school year. They plan to test their water annually to make sure everything is safe