UPDATE:  The homeowner burned in a fire at his home has died from his injuries. 

Lowell Max Bruce, 72, was taken to a local hospital before being taken to a hospital in Austell, Georgia for treatment.  Mr. Bruce died from his injuries on August 28. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

UPDATE: Several emergency trucks lined multiple streets of a Hixson neighborhood after a Friday morning fire.

“Pretty much they are slowly trying to open up some of that roadway to get people out to work,” said Lieutenant Nick Wilson.

When fire crews showed up, flames were shooting from the house and into the sky.

While crews were putting out the fire, Wilson flew his drone to take pictures of the active fire.

The home is a complete loss, and one person was injured.

“Some type of explosion from what they thought was a transformer fire at the time just from the original call,” said Wilson.

Not only were fire crews busy, but a gas meter was damaged causing the Chattanooga Gas Company to come out to make sure the line was not leaking.

“Locate the gas line clamp off the line there,” said Wilson. “Once they dug that up there have been no further incidents from the gas meter.”

Investigators plan to inspect the property before they determine an official cause of the fire.

Crews are trained to spot areas that could explain how the fire started.

Until then, Wilson and his staff will fly an additional drone to make sure all of the hot spots are out and stay that way.

“They are using thermal imaging cameras,” said Wilson. “Currently, on one of the drones, we have a thermal imaging camera to fly over it and double-checking everything.”

Throughout the day, shift managers will keep an eye on the forecast to ensure the temperatures didn't get too hot for firefighters.

PREVIOUS STORY: Firefighters from the Dallas Bay Fire Department were dispatched Friday morning for an 'explosion,' according to Lt. Nick Wilson of the Hamilton County Emergency Management.

The first fire trucks that arrived at the home on Hawkwood Court found the home in flames.

One of the home's owners was found inside the home and transported to a local hospital for examination and treatment.

A mutual aid call was made and firefighting units from both Red Bank and Chattanooga Fire Departments joined in the efforts to extinguish the fire.

A gas meter at the home was damaged and was later secured, as was the power to the building.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and Hamilton County Fire Investigation Task Force are working to determine a cause. 

PREVIOUS STORY: An early morning house fire on Hawkwood Court in Hixson sent firefighters out Friday morning about 6:00am.

The home is considered a total loss. The homeowner was transported to a local hospital with undetermined injuries.

The fire has been extinguished, but hot spots are still being addressed by firefighters.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

The home's gas meter was damaged by the fire, making it difficult to turn off the gas supply. Crews had to excavate the gas line to shut off the supply of gas.

Other occupants of the home were able to safely escape the blaze.