A Red Bank woman is mourning the loss of her husband, who died in a skateboarding accident earlier this month. 

Richard Wagner was an organ donor and has saved three lives already. 

The 39-year-old crashed his skateboard on August 9, and died two days later at a hospital.

"He was such a good dad," said his wife, Marion Wagner.

In addition to his wife, Richard leaves behind a little girl who turns two in November. 

"He was just very dedicated to us," said Wagner.

Doctors say her husband had a brain aneurysm while he was skateboarding at the top of a hill near Dayton Boulevard and W. Daytona Drive. They say it put him in a fog.

"He never would have gone down a hill like that. That would basically put him into oncoming traffic," Marion told Channel 3.

He crashed at the bottom of the road and hit his head. By the time Marion heard what happened, it was too late.

"The only real activity he ever had was he coughed once and he was breathing just a little bit over his ventilator," Wagner recalled.

Richard died at the hospital, but his journey wasn't finished.

"His heart, lungs, and liver have already been transplanted successfully," said Wagner. 

Due to advancements in the medical field, Richard will be the first deceased person in Tennessee to donate bone marrow. Marion hopes his bone marrow will save many others. 

"It just helps kind of put it all in perspective," Wagner said. 

Marion says the fact that her husband Richard is an organ donor changed the end of his story. 

"It's no longer the end for him. It's really a continuation for so many others," Wagner told Channel 3. 

Marion is a teacher at Signal Mountain Middle/High School. She says she will find comfort in her students' smiling faces as she heads back to school on Monday.