A serious crash on Hixson Pike sent one man to the hospital Thursday morning.        

When our crew arrived, a red truck was flipped on its roof and a Grey car was partially crushed in the middle of the road.

Chattanooga police say 41-year-old William Taylor, who was driving the red truck, was traveling north when he crossed into the south lanes and struck the other vehicle head-on. Spokesperson Elisa Myzal says speeding could be one of many factors.  She says officers did not see any signs of impairment.

Shortly after the crash, our crew watched as Taylor was handcuffed and taken into custody. Police say he was driving without a license; the one he had was suspended. Taylor was also charged with failure to maintain lane and financial responsibility. 

Charlita Cox was at work, just feet away, when the crash happened.

“It sounded like a tractor-trailer truck. You know how they hit a dump and it was really loud so we thought that's what it was and then we saw the traffic backing up so we came outside to investigate and that's when saw the Grey car just air bag deployed; just crushed up,” she said.

Myzal says the man driving the silver car was seriously hurt. However, both drivers were treated. 

“He looked pretty hurt at our first review of him and then we saw him sort of lift his hand up a little bit and this was before the ambulance had arrived so we thought he might be in pretty bad shape,” Cox said. “We didn't know if he might be paralyzed or what.”
It's not the first crash Cox has seen on this road, but with traffic and speeding drivers, she knows it may not be the last.

“It shakes you up a little bit because that's a serious crash,” she said. “It makes you want to really be observant as to what you're doing and to really watch traffic and the drivers.”