Like we need another credit card. Apple's new credit card is different. It's 'virtual' plastic. It appears as a card in your Apple Wallet, though you can order a physical card. Here is the big thing: anybody with an iPhone can get one.

Anyone can apply for an Apple card straight from his or her phone, and the process, if you even want to call it that could not be easier or faster. Since Apple already has a lot of information it needs, just enter your birth date, email address and the last four digits of your social security number.

Within seconds, like three, I got a confirmation from Goldman Sachs that I'd been approved with a credit limit of $7,000.

The card becomes your default credit card stored in your Apple Wallet. I used it for breakfast and later at a retailer that accepted Apple Pay. I just tapped the side button twice, looked at my phone's screen for Face ID and held the phone to the cash register. A beep later and the transaction was complete.

I did run into some trouble at a Kohl's store where the cash register did not recognize my phone. I swiped up on the Wallet app on my Apple Watch and the register made the transaction. The cashier explained the registers were old and didn't always work well with iPhone payments.

The Apple card offers no annual fee and does not charge a late fee. Statements are due at the end of the month.

I ordered one of the titanium physical cards, which should arrive within five business days. Without it, you can only use your Apple card with your phone. You can only see and pay your statement with the phone too.

One criticism is how easy it is to get one. Anyone 18 and over can apply. I talked with one person who did not want me to use his name. He had no credit history, had only part time jobs, had been turned down by other credit card companies, and he was approved in seconds.

With the 24% interest rate, that could be very expensive for people who run up a big credit card bill.