Hundreds of people living in Lookout Valley were without water for most of the day on Thursday.

That's because crews with Tennessee American Water were working to fix a major pipe that burst Wednesday night.

"It is impacting quite a few customers in Lookout Valley," spokesperson Daphne Kirksey told Channel 3.

One neighbor who was one of an estimated 500 people without water shared his frustration of having to wait. Longtime Wauhatchie Pike resident William Quails says of the water main breaks he's seen in the last 25 years, this was one of the worst.

"They said last night it would be 8 to 12 hours. Now they're saying longer," Quail explained.

He says he realized there was a problem Wednesday night when his two nephews turned on the faucet to take their baths and nothing came out.

"They said, 'we ain't have no water papa'. I checked around to see if I had a leak around the house or something then found out the next door neighbors didn't have water," he recalled.

Kirksey told Channel 3 the location and size of the break posed an unexpected challenge and prolonged finishing the job for crews working to fix the 12-inch pipe.

"It's kind of a tricky spot where it's located so the excavation process has taken a little longer than usual," she said. "It had a storm drain on top of it and it's also really deep."

But with the installment of a valve replacement, they hope to have water restored to all customers in the area by tonight at 7:30.

Kirksey added that if residents have issues with air or discolored water coming from their faucets, she recommends turning the cold tap on until the water runs clear.