Everything unfolded Friday night at the home on Crabtree Road in Hixson.

Raymond Rzeplinski was taken into custody on charges of possessing a firearm by a convicted felon, possessing a prohibited weapon, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.

His fiance tells Channel 3 Rzeplinski was seriously hurt when deputies took him into custody.

Jacqueline Cordell waited for hours Wednesday outside of the Hamilton County Jail for her fiance to be released.

He was at the center of a SWAT call on Crabtree Road last week, a situation Cordell called unnecessary.

"It's not right for the SWAT team to beat the living crap out of someone when they've done nothing wrong. And then all of their charges that they've charged him with, they didn't have anything to charge him to begin with," she said.

Records show deputies responded to the home on Friday to report a disorder with a weapon, when they arrived, the report states Rzeplinski barricaded himself inside the home with multiple weapons and threatened suicide.

But Cordell, who said she was there, disputes that, saying they were home at the time when her fiance's phone rang.

"Telling him to come outside with his hands up. And Ray kept saying, 'Why, I haven't done anything, I'm not a threat to anyone, I haven't done anything? Why should I go outside with my hands up?'" she added.

The report states detectives opened an investigation into Rzeplinski over allegations that he was a convicted felon possessing firearms and had illegally obtained a handgun carry permit in 2013 and 2017.

Channel 3 confirmed Rzeplinkski was convicted of burglary in Bradley County in 1996, but Rzeplinski denies that ever happened.

"They took all of Ray's guns out of the house, his safe's, everything," Cordell said.

In all, deputies seized 17 firearms, including a short barrel rifle, which is prohibited and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Rzeplinski is due in court next week.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office tells Channel 3 there have not been any complaints filed about the arrest, as of Wednesday evening.