In 2007, Adam Braseel was convicted of murdering a Grundy County man. He maintained his innocence during his entire sentence.

After serving more than a decade in prison, Braseel was finally released just a few weeks ago. He took a plea deal in his best interest, without admitting guilt.

Now, Braseel’s family and their supporters are petitioning Governor Bill Lee for an exoneration. Braseel filed an official petition last week, and the family has also been collecting letters on Braseel’s behalf.

In more than 60 of those letters, supporters plea for the governor’s help.

"We're praying that you would consider giving Adam what he truly deserves, a full exoneration,” Braseel read from one letter.

He says only Governor Lee can truly clear his name.

“I justly deserve to be a free man, and indeed I am,” he said. “However I am a free man with a felony."

Since coming home, Braseel has been focused on family. But he's also been planning what comes next for his life.

“I need a job and so I’m having to kind of figure out what to do or where I'm going to go in that sense as far as work,” he said.

Braseel’s sister, Christina, has been working with him on the petition. It’s an opportunity she wasn’t sure she'd ever have.

“This is something that I've waited for,” she said. “I couldn't wait for this day, to be able to write the governor and ask for him to exonerate my brother. This was my whole purpose."

Adam Braseel is hopeful Governor Lee will help him turn the final page and help him close the cover on his time in prison.

“He can bring the fairytale ending to the story,” he said.