The Raymond family has been making moonshine (legally) and other spirits at their Dalton, Georgia distillery since 2015. It’s a three-generation affair. Recently, Raymond III (Trey) received a message online from someone with a very similar story.

"Well I mean I do a lot of promotion for Dalton Distillery on Facebook and Instagram,” explains Trey. “And I just got a message saying that he has a distillery called Dalton Distillery as well and that all three of their names are also Raymond so that was really amazing to me."

The biggest difference between the two Raymond families from Dalton that make spirits is the fact that they do it on two different continents.

"So we're in a village called Dalton,” says Head Distiller, Raymond Clynich Jr. “We're in Scotland. And we couldn't believe it when we heard about the Raymonds. Truly and unbelievable coincidence. I mean how many places are called Dalton and have a distillery and both and three Raymonds in both? It's amazing."

Ray, a scientist by trade, recently began creating his spirits out of his family's desire to make their own special gin based on a thoroughly scientific understanding of how different flavor compounds work and interact with each other.

After months of experimentation in Scotland the principal botanicals selected for their flagship Oro and Oro V recipes are a combination of classic gin botanicals such as juniper of course, coriander, orris root, lemon and orange peels, and the more unusual cassia bark, Malabar cardamom, pink peppercorns and lemongrass. There's also one other signature botanical they say that will forever remain secret.

In Georgia, using malted sunflower seeds as the primary grain and malted corn as the accompanying grain, Master Distiller Raymond Butler has achieved a gluten-free spirit featuring a unique, clean flavor profile and a hint of nuttiness at the finish.