A joint task force is proud of their work in Bradley County.

Multiple law enforcement agencies conducted a three-day operation, which led to four arrests for human trafficking.

Those agencies say their work isn't over yet.

Every six weeks, the Cleveland Police Department, Bradley County Sheriff's Office, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation get together to help victims who were trafficked.

Sergeant Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department says they aren't going to let this nationwide problem impact their community.

“We talk about the issues that we see in this community, and ways to infiltrate the various aspects to protect our children, women, and men,” said Evie West.

Trained agents with the TBI helped these local organizations get the best result from an operation.

The human trafficking sting started August 15 and ended August 18.

These four men, two from different parts of Tennessee and two from Georgia, were arrested during the operation.

Adam Lewis with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office says it's still an active investigation.

“More rest more indictments in the future,” said Adam Lewis. “I don't imagine this being the last time that we, unfortunately, have to come together in this way to stop this from happening in our community."

Lewis says this doesn't happen every day because it happens in the dark, and they just want to shed some light on the problem.

Both agencies say saving one life and putting one criminal behind bars was a success, getting more is even better.

West says, unfortunately, more operations like this will have to happen.

“I believe that their desire two fulfill themselves is greater than the potential of getting that car,” said West. “We want that to be reversed.”

If you see any signs of trafficking you are urged to call law enforcement.