In less than two minutes, 26,360 people got an alert from UTC this weekend about a stalker on campus. 

Officials say a student reported several incidents of unwanted telephone calls, text messages and social media contact from someone they knew. The alert was sent out through email Saturday morning, a day after the stalking incident was reported. 

No charges were filed.

When asked about the timing of the alert and it only being sent through email, Robie Robinson, Executive Director of Emergency Services, said there was no threat to anyone on campus at the moment. However, he explained every incident is treated differently.

“One of the initial questions we ask is, is it one of those that we are legally required to send a message. If so, then we go through that. We choose which would be the most effective mechanism by which to send it. Sometimes we use every mechanism we have. Sometimes we choose just a simple email,” Robinson said.

He says it's why no alerts were sent out regarding the triple shooting at Douglas Heights, an off-campus property. Two people were injured and one was killed during the July incident.

“That was an off campus situation and we didn't have any evidence or any information that there was any danger that had come towards the campus,” Robinson said.

Robinson says there were also no UTC students involved so they were not obligated to inform students and staff. However, classes were not in session at the time.

“We look at the hazard to our students and if we have information that there is a hazard then we certainly will send it out to them,” he said. “A lot of the folks who live at different places around town are our students and we care about them whether they're on campus, if they're in their car, or if they’re in their apartment or something that they rented elsewhere we still are concerned about them.”

Robinson’s team is responsible for keeping roughly 12,000 students safe. To do that, they mostly rely on the university’s alerting system.

“Safety is not something that we do as the safety monitors. It's something that we all have a role in ourselves and that means we want all people to participate. We want people to look around them and be aware,” he said. “We send out text messages, email messages, we can ring their cellphones, we have alert beacons across campus that can notify people.”

Anyone can sign up for UTC alerts free of charge. To do so, click here.