Adventure Sports Innovation offers a broad spectrum of products in hopes of offering excitement to customer’s level of ability. This past week in Chattanooga, the Channel 3 morning team decided to test their level of ability on the Tennessee River.

Lori Mitchell tried her hand at surfing with the Lift eFoil surfboard. The Lift eFoil surfboard allows riders of all levels to experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves or towing required. This state-of-the-art board features a carbon-fiber board and underwater wing plus an 'easy to operate' Bluetooth remote controller, designed to help new riders get up surfing and foiling!

If you chose to take on the eFoil, an Adventure Guide will be out with you on the river for a 90-minute training session - helping you progress through the stages of learning this new sports as quickly and safely as possible!

David Karnes and Caroline Corrigan tackled the Kymera E-Jet Bodyboard. The Kymera is the world's first electric bodyboard and is small enough to fit in most vehicles, and light enough to carry under your arm. It creates zero emissions and its unique heads up riding position gives you a ride like no other on a river or lake!

Check out the store in Coolidge Park or visit their website for more information. All rentals take place on the Tennessee River.