The 'Clear the Shelters' event happens once a year all across the country. 

Multiple shelters across the Tennessee Valley participated including McKamey Animal Center.

Volunteers at McKamey Animal Center say they always run into overcrowding during the summer months-- but today 113 animals left the shelter and got to go home. 

"I just wish we had this crowd every day," Jamie McAloon told Channel 3. 

Jamie McAloon with McKamey Animal Center says people in the Tennessee Valley always step up in a time of need.

"It started at 10 this morning and we have been a straight line out the door," said McAloon. 

This week, over 160 dogs were rescued from an animal hoarding situation. Many of them were taken to McKamey Animal Center. 

McAloon says the 'Clear the Shelter' event couldn't have come at a better time.

"When they hear about it they say 'what can we do?' 'Do you need food?' 'Do you need a foster home?' 'Maybe it's time for us to adopt.' It's a pretty good deal," McAloon said. 

If you can't adopt a pet there are still plenty of opportunities to help. 

"We need dog food, cat food, we need kitty litter, we need cleaning products. You name it, any of those things will help," McAloon told Channel 3.

The event may have ended Saturday night but there will never be a shortage of animals at McKamey Animal Center.

"There will probably still be about 150 dogs leftover--even if we do 100-- that's the sad reality and tomorrow we will have more come in," said McAloon. 

Volunteers say they will still be hard at work finding an owner for the pets that didn't get to leave the shelter Saturday.

"We can guarantee that we will do everything we can to get these animals into a home. A good home," McAloon told Channel 3.