Twenty-one new officers walked across the stage at their graduation ceremony Thursday night, becoming a part of the Chattanooga Police Department.

For 24 years, Lorin Johnston has looked out for Chattanooga as a police officer. Thursday night he looked up from the audience as the proud father of his son Dylan who graduated from the academy. 

"It's very exciting because I remember the feelings I had when I got into it," Lorin Johnston told Channel 3.

In 2011 Johnston was shot in the line of duty during a botched robbery. The man who shot him was later convicted of killing sergeant Tim Chapin on that same day.

"It's a dangerous job, you know that from the get-go," said Johnston.

Thursday night, Johnston pinned the badge on his son Dylan, both now serving the same city he's protected for two decades.

"To see his son follow in those same footsteps, that same path of selfless service, is just inspiring," said Chief David Roddy. 

Chief Roddy says it's an honor to have two generations serving together in the Chattanooga Police Department.

"In the end of it you will have almost 50 years of service from that family, it's pretty amazing," Chief Roddy told Channel 3. 

Dylan Johnston is one of 21 who will now serve the city of Chattanooga.

"I know Dylan reflects the same thing that every single one of those cadets has brought through this entire academy which has been strength, perseverance, selfless service," Roddy said.

The father-son duo wasn't the only unique thing about Thursday's ceremony. Eight women graduated from this year's academy, breaking a department record.

"By the research we've done is the largest percentage of female graduates to ever cross the state for a graduation ceremony for the Chattanooga Police Department," Roddy stated.

Dylan Johnston says he is excited to become a part of the same department he’s grown up watching his dad serve.

"Proud, I get it from that one, so proud," said Dylan Johnston. 

Thursday night's ceremony was a celebration recognizing the 21 new officers. They officially became officers on Wednesday when they took the oath of office.