The man who killed 9 people and injured 27 others in Dayton, Ohio, was on drugs at the time of his attack, according to authorities.

Dayton police said the gunman had cocaine, Xanax and alcohol among other substances in his system at the time of the mass shooting before police fatally shot him. Montgomery County Coroner Kent Harshbarger said that authorities also found a bag of cocaine on Connor Betts, 24.

Police have yet to identify a motive in Betts' attack.

Betts allegedly obtained the body armor, 100-round magazine and a firearm accessory used in the deadly attack from a friend.

Police announced Monday that Ethan Kollie, 24, was charged with two offenses, not connected to the Aug. 4 massacre — falsely denying that he was a drug user when buying a handgun for himself in May, and then possession of a firearm while unlawfully using drugs.

"To be clear, there is no evidence and allegation in this criminal complaint that Kollie intentionally participated in the planning of Betts' Aug. 4 shooting," U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman for the Southern District of Ohio said. "I don't want that to be misconstrued."

Court documents said Kollie bought the equipment and kept them in his apartment "to assist Betts in hiding them from Betts' parents."

In addition to the body armor and magazine, Kollie also purchased for Betts an "upper receiver of the AR-15 weapon," according to a criminal complaint. An upper receiver creates a pathway for the cartridge to move efficiently from the magazine to the weapon's barrel.