During TDOT's construction work on Highway 127/Signal Mountain Boulevard in Signal Mountain, local residents have recently complained about long wait times at stoplights.

TDOT installed temporary stoplights at alternating routes. Drivers are complaining that the stoplights change back to yellow and red too quickly after turning green.

The Town of Signal Mountain responded to these complaints via Facebook post.

Their Facebook post explained how the lights work.

"The timing pattern is set for 4 minute green per direction, with approximately an additional 45 seconds to clear out the que traveling. During that 45 seconds, all lights are red. There are also signs posted stating that you should not experience a wait time of more than 9 mins."

The Town of Signal Mountain says if the driver in the front doesn't accelerate fast enough, the stoplight will cycle back to a red light. 

As a result, they encourage the lead driver at a stoplight to move immediately once the light changes.

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