UTC students are headed back to campus.

While they are unpacking those boxes, they may work up an appetite.

That means many local restaurants could see an increase in business.
2,000 freshmen and incoming transfer students are expected to check in on the first day UTC move-in weekend.
Five minutes down the road is Maple Street Biscuit Company.

So far, they have already served several UTC families.

Kimberly Beeler says when school is in, they can see an uptick in business.

She says moral support is also on the menu for those who will leave behind their student, as they start college.

“You can tell they're dropping off their kiddos for the first time,” said Kimberly Beeler. “It's going to be tough for them, but it's also fun for us as a local place. We can become that home away from home.”

Aaron Grisham with UTC says they spend months preparing for this big day.

The goal is to make the process as smooth as possible.
So, he encourages families to bring two things patience, and a moving cart.

“We have volunteers that are assisting with parking, and most of our volunteers are helping with moving boxes,” said Aaron Grisham. “They are directing traffic, giving directions, and helping students get to where they need to be.”

After students get moved in, the next thing on everyone's mind is finding somewhere to eat.

Grisham says many food options on campus are already open.

However, if that's not enough, they can enjoy a restaurant that's close by.

“I would say eat local, and experience Chattanooga,” said Grisham. “We want students to come, be a part to develop, and grow. While supporting Chattanooga”.

Beeler looks forward to the school year because students come to study and savor a fresh biscuit.

She says having a local feel is like the gravy on top.

“It just kind of sets the tone for a slightly different atmosphere. A place where you could feel comfortable,” said Beeler.

It will pick back up Friday from 1 until 4, then again on Saturday 10 to 4.

Classes start on Monday.