Chattanooga FC announced that the club will join the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) for the Spring 2020 season.

NISA is a new professional men's soccer league that's debuting this month.

Other NISA clubs include Miami FC, Stumptown Athletic (Charlotte), California United Strikers FC, Philadelphia Fury and others.

“Everyone at Chattanooga FC is excited about being accepted into NISA and joining the ranks of American professional soccer,” said Tim Kelly, Board Chairman, Chattanooga FC. “Our interest is always doing, first and foremost, what’s best for Chattanooga FC and our community, and then what we feel is in the best interest of American soccer. This step fulfills a promise to our 3,254 supporter-owners while maintaining the philosophical tenets the club has held since our founding in 2009.”

Chattanooga FC will finish out the NPSL Members Cup, which ends on October 26.

The club has five more home games in 2019.