The heat was so intense on Tuesday, a local business was forced to close early.

Owners from Fatboy's Roadside Eats say the heat in the kitchen became too dangerous to keep the doors open.

"We figured we would not wait for something to happen, but we would be preemptive about it," said one of the owners, Tyler Curtz.

On the hottest day of the year, several businesses in Hamilton County had to close early, including Fatboy’s off Standifer Gap Road.

Curtz says the heat inside the kitchen got too dangerous to work.

"If we can't be safe, where not going to put out good food. We're not going to do a good job, and then we are going to have people that are hurt," Curtz said.

Curtz says the kitchen has had days where temperatures have come close to 100 degrees, but this heat was something else. 

"Today it got anywhere from about 125 to 130," Curtz said.

The kitchen does have two air conditioning units connected, but since it's a small space the heat builds up.

"Even with the A/C's and the portable A/C's and the hood vent for the grill, it's still just sits and has nowhere to go,” Curtz said.

The heat started to take a toll on him and everyone inside.

"You start to sweat, and then you stop sweating because even when you are getting water in you, it starts to either wash off or evaporate really quick," Curtz said. "You start to get really tired, really quickly. And anytime you are walking in and out of a hot and cool area, it just hits you out of nowhere.”

At the end of the day, Curtz knows they made the right decision to close.

"If it comes down to safety or sales, safety would definitely be the better option. So shutting down if you need to is the way to go," Curtz said.

The owners plan to reopen on Wednesday at the regular business hours.

With temperatures cooling down in the next several days, Curtz hopes they can stay open.