UPDATE: Eleven people are staying elsewhere after lightning struck a building full of condos.

It happened Tuesday night at Belvoir Hills Estates on Bacon Trail in East Ridge.

It also sent a woman and two firefighters to the hospital.

Utility crews returned the the scene Wednesday morning to check power and water lines while residents like June McGill returned home to grab necessities and see the damage for the first time.

"Both of my bathroom ceilings have fell out and I'm supposing my kitchen probably probably will too," McGill said.

McGill was home when lightning struck her condo's building.

A woman in the condo above her had to be rescued by police and firefighters.

"We've got police officers helping them execute, the placement of the ladder, firefighters going up the ladder, getting in the window, bringing her out," East Ridge Fire Chief Mike Williams said.

Williams said the woman called 911 and stayed on the line giving dispatch crucial information, which in turn helped first responders come up with a plan to save her before arriving on scene.

"We had a game plan prior to getting here. We knew where the patient was before getting here. All of this was all laid out. We had a plan," he added.

Those actions, Williams said, likely saved her life.

He suggests taking the same steps if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

"Once you've made that contact with communications, do not hang up until the fire fighters have come to you and evacuated you or made that rescue," Williams said.

The woman and two other firefighters are home after receiving minor injuries, news McGill said brings a sigh of relief.

"Thank the Lord everybody's okay. Just a lot of property damage," she added.

Williams said residents will be able to return home once power and water lines have been restored and the building is deemed safe.

East Ridge officials say lightning caused an apartment fire that injured three people, including two firefighters on Tuesday evening.

It happened shortly before 8:00 p.m. at Belvoir Hills Estates on Bacon Trail.

Chief Stan Allen confirmed the apartment fire and says several agencies responded.

Chief Allen said all residents were quickly evacuated.

Officials at the scene said a firefighter and at least one resident were taken to a hospital. Fire Chief Mike Williams said the unidentified firefighter has been released from the hospital.

A second firefighter was also hurt but was treated at the scene by EMS.

Officials said lightning during the evening storms caused the fire.

The name and condition of the resident who was hospitalized has not been released.

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