The Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office got a call of a man walking in traffic on Highway 127 on July 30. That's when a deputy found a man with multiple injuries to his face on the side of the road. 

"Who told him that he had been assaulted and basically car-jacked," said Sequatchie County Sheriff Coy Swanger. 

The victim told deputies that he got a call from an acquaintance named Hailey Green. Green allegedly offered the victim $250 to drive her to Atlanta and back. When the victim showed up at the house Bradley Stephens and Devin McGill were with Green. 

"They basically assaulted him and took his car from him," said Swanger. 

The report stated that the victim was allegedly kept in the house where he went to pick Green up. He said he was held there for an hour and beaten. Then Green, McGill, and Stephens made him get back in the car. 

"They made several stops, they came to Walmart it was reported that they were shoplifting some items from the Walmart, they stopped by some other residences on Highway 127 on Signal Mountain," said Swanger. 

Eventually, the three allegedly stole his wallet, phone, and his car. The victim stated that the three alleged carjackers told him if he told authorities, they would say he tried to rape Green.

Swanger said this isn't a typical carjacking. 

"You know its a crime of opportunity where someone doesn't know the carjacker this incident is not the case," said Swanger. 

The suspects were arrested on July 30, and the stolen car was found in Soddy Daisy. 

The victim was an Uber driver, but he was not driving for Uber when he went to pick up Green. 

All three have been charged with felony carjacking and are expected to be back in court on Friday, August 16.