UPDATE: The site inspection report from the Hamilton County Water Quality Program says the owners of the Red Wolves owe a $285 penalty for their development violations.

PREVIOUS STORY: Jeff Sikes, President of ASA Engineering offered the following statement Tuesday in response to the TDEC violation notice:
“We did receive a notice from TDEC and Hamilton County regarding our development, and we are in discussion with both government entities. We believe that all parties will come to a quick resolution, and we will quickly proceed as planned.”  

PREVIOUS STORY: Robert Martino, the Utah owner/developer of the Chattanooga Red Wolves soccer complex has been found to be in violation of the state's Department of Environment and Conservation after development work began without the proper permitting.
According to the violation report, more than one acre of soil was disturbed at the 100-acre development site in East Ridge, against state stormwater laws.
A TDEC Division of Water Services noticed the work had been started during a site inspection August 8.
An updated Construction General Permit is due to the state before August 23, 2019.
Timestamped photos attached to the notice show cleared areas and what appears to be a construction roadway.