A North Georgia woman continues to recover after being stabbed in the stomach with a steak knife.

She said her cat is responsible.

Kristin McCoy shared her story with Channel 3 and it's clear that she's keeping her sense of humor. Despite the mishap, she said she also plans to keep her cat, Lucifer.

Curious and playful is how McCoy describes 5-year-old Lucifer, a cat she picked up from McKamey Animal Center a few weeks ago.

"He's our baby. He's the most affectionate cat I've ever had. He will stand up, he will give you hugs and loves and snuggles, so I couldn't trade him for anything. He's amazing," she said.

Lucifer also likes to help with household chores. It's help McCoy wasn't expecting to send her to the hospital.

"Got a couple plates, got a couple spoons. Turned around and grabbed the knife, pulled it out. And I didn't see him under my feet and so I tripped over him and landed on the floor," McCoy said.

McCoy landed on the steak knife. Most of the five inch blade was stuck in her stomach.

"It went into my C-section scar, so I could feel the nerves there anyway when it first went in. It was only when I moved, I could feel it shift," she said. "That's when I'm like, 'oh crap! I've got a knife stickin' out of me. Okay, we can work with this.'"

McCoy relied on her medical background. She knew not to move the knife, a decision that likely saved her life.

At the hospital, scans showed the position of the blade.

"The doctor comes in and he goes 'stop moving.' I guess in the CT scan, it was so close to a major blood vessel, if I had moved anymore, I would have bled to death," McCoy said.

Doctors successfully removed the knife during surgery and McCoy is back home where she's expected to make a full recovery.

The knife is now being kept in a plastic bag as a souvenir.

The cat gets to stay too, despite the mishap.

"He's still living here for now. We're still investigating. Charges are pending," she said. "I'm looking at attempted murder, I don't know."