Each year, a number of teachers get shifted to new classrooms, and have to start all over. When that happened to one Barger Academy teacher, she saw it as a challenge, and set out to create a learning environment like no other.  

Tammy Martin had a vision of a classroom with a park-like setting. A duck pond, a drive-in movie theater, and comfortable chairs. Plus, a Starbucks style library with servings of hot cocoa.

She was determined to make her vision a reality. She recruited parents, churches, the Home Depot, and especially her husband Johnny to transform a dull, drab classroom into an atmosphere that 3rd graders would love.

She and Johnny, along with volunteers, and church members spent a lot of hours on the project. When school started last week, the children couldn't believe what they saw.

Every corner of the room has something special, and kids can either read while exercising, or just relaxing at their own little Starbucks library. Starbucks employees at the Gunbarrel and Brainerd locations are collecting books for Mrs. Martin's class through August 25.

Mrs. Martin is in her ninth year at Barger, and while she and her husband enjoyed their summer classroom makeover, they're content to stay in this one for a while. There's still a lot to see, do and enjoy, and they say the students' reaction made all that work worthwhile.