This week, contractors for the Tennessee Department of Transportation will begin work to stabilize a section of U.S. 127 (aka Signal Mountain Boulevard) at log mile 16.1, which is near the Signal Mountain welcome sign and Shoal Creek Road.

Starting Tuesday evening, August 13, 2019 between 8:00pm and 2:00am TDOT maintenance crews will be setting up the work zone between log miles 15.9 and 16.2. During the nighttime work, there will be times that crews will have to temporarily stop all traffic as they set up concrete barrier rails.

Once crews establish the work zone, GeoStabilization International will start work to make permanent repairs to an area of the roadway that has shown some signs of instability.

TDOT says that barring unforeseen circumstances, the repairs are expected to take approximately eight to ten weeks to complete. During the repairs, the road will be reduced to one lane and traffic will be controlled with a temporary signal.

Loose material will be removed from the area and the slope will be stabilized using soil nailing, an on-site soil reinforcement technique where soil nails are placed into the natural ground at relatively close spacing to increase the strength of the soil mass, according to TDOT. As the bars are being drilled, grout is inserted into the hole to ensure that the soil nail stays in place. A steel-reinforced concrete wall will be constructed that encompasses the soil nails to form a retaining structure along with means to drain water from the slope behind the wall. The upper portion of the retaining structure will be backfilled with new material and the roadway will be rebuilt.

Message boards will be placed at each end of the work zone notifying the public of the one-lane condition. Those who regularly travel on U.S. 127 should anticipate the extra time it will take to get through the work zone.