UPDATE: Around 9:30 Sunday night deputies arrived at a Walker County apartment complex, Sheriff Steve Wilson said his deputies were only talking to the suspect for about 10 to 15 seconds before Sherman Thomas fired shots at his deputies. 

Sheriff Wilson got the call late Sunday night that his deputy Sgt. Thomas Agredano was shot. 

"Of course I jump up and get dressed and scream out with blue lights and sirens to the hospital," said Wilson.

Sheriff Wilson said his deputies were responding to a domestic call. 

"We believe that the other party may have taken the suspect in trying to be of help to him and then he would not leave," said Wilson.

When she called she warned dispatchers that he had been making threats towards law enforcement. 

"He had apparently made the statement that he would shoot any deputies that came up onto the property," said Wilson. 

And it only took seconds for Sherman Thomas to fire at deputies.

Allisun Lane lives just down the street. Her security camera caught the sound of shots from a distance. 

"It is a ton, I would say it was 20 to 30 shots is what it sounded like just back to back to back and then there was a pause and then you hear a whole bunch more," said Lane. 

Sgt. Agredano's partner was able to help him at the scene before an ambulance got there.  

"His partner last night was able to apply a tourniquet once he was able to get back, crawl back to cover," said Wilson.

Thomas was hit multiple times. 

Sheriff Wilson said that it was discovered by EMT's that this was the second time first responders had seen Thomas on Sunday. 

"And they transported the suspect to memorial Georgia for evaluation. Apparently, he had called 911 saying he had some mental health issues and he wanted to be transported to the hospital," said Wilson.

Sheriff Wilson said they don't know if Thomas was released from the hospital or if he left on his own before the shooting happened on Sunday. 

Sheriff Wilson said after he got the call that Sgt. Agredano was shot he prayed during the whole car ride to the hospital.  

"I was praying. I was thinking about his family. How did I need to talk to them? Just all types of emotions and when I get there I just hugged him real tight and thankful that he's not critical," said Wilson.  

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says Sergeant Thomas Agredano has been released from the hospital. 

Wilson says the suspect is 47-year-old Sherman Travis Thomas.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been requested by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the officer-involved shooting.

Wilson says that EMS transported Thomas to a local hospital for a mental health call earlier Sunday.

The woman who lives in the apartment had taken Thomas in because he was in a “tough spot.”

Preliminary information indicates that around 9:40 p.m. Sunday, a Walker County Sheriff’s deputy was shot by 47-year-old Sherman Travis Thomas, of Chickamauga while responding to a domestic call.

The deputy and the responding deputy fired multiple rounds at Thomas, hitting him several times after he fired multiple times at the deputies first.

The deputy and shooter were both transported to a Chattanooga hospital for examination and treatment. Sgt. Agredano is in stable condition. Thomas is in critical condition, according to a GBI news release.

When deputies were called to the apartment that night Sheriff Wilson said that they knew the suspect had made threats against deputies in the past. He doesn’t know why he has that animosity towards law enforcement.

GBI tweeted earlier that Thomas is in critical condition.

This marks the 50th officer-involved shooting in the state for 2019, according to the GBI.

PREVIOUS STORY: Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson confirms to Channel 3 that the suspect is 47-year-old Sherman Travis Thomas.

Wilson says the deputy who was shot is Sergeant Thomas Agredano, and is expected to be okay. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A Walker County deputy was shot in the leg Sunday evening in Rossville while answering a "domestic" call.

Walker County dispatch says the suspect was also shot. 

Deputies were first called around 9:15 p.m. to Claire Street.

The GBI is investigating the shooting is posted on Twitter that both the deputy and suspect are in stable condition.