Millions of children around the world call an orphanage their home, and in America alone, there are 130,000 adoptable children in foster care.

In our region alone there are currently over 800 children in state custody, many of whom need forever families because they don't have a family of their own anymore.

Chattanooga was recently ranked the most churched city in the United States by a California based research group. What kind of impact could we have on the state foster system if just one family from your church stepped up to answer this crisis?

Are you one of the families who have considered fostering or adoption?

The Give Love Conference is a free conference will be held on August 17th at the Brainerd Baptist Church BX (gym) from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

There will also be free childcare and lunches available.

For more information and to register visit