Kiyara Estes, the woman who was pulled out of a car by a state trooper on I-75 last month, is no longer facing charges.

But her attorney, Robin Flores, tells us they plan to sue.

A lawsuit has not been filed yet, but Flores says they're considering two options; sue Trooper Charles McVey as an individual or go after the state for monetary damages.

“You know she's scared of police involvement and of police,” Flores said.

A video captured McVey pulling the 19-year-old out of the car after. Moments before Estes and the driver, Madelyn Powell, were stopped for speeding, Flores says McVey asked for Powell's ID. He says Estes then asked the trooper why they were stopped.

“The trooper was telling her to come out, she was still buckled in but he was very angry from the start telling her to shut F up when he first approached the vehicle. She couldn't get out of the vehicle even when he was yanking her by her hair pulling her out so eventually she just unbuckled it and he was able to yank her out of the vehicle,” Flores explained. “Maddie Powell was concerned that she was going to watch her friend get shot.”

Flores blames the trooper for escalating the situation; despite court documents stating the trooper recalled Estes cussing him out, causing a scene and calling him a racist.

“Even if she seems like a smart*** what are you going to do lock her up for being a smart***. Well,that's what this guy seems to have done and just got angry. There’s no other explanation for that,” he said. “You're the person with the badge, the handcuffs and the authority. If you're so thin-skinned that that upsets you then you need to find another line of work.”

Powell who was originally only cited now faces charges for speeding and not having an ID or insurance, according to court records. She faces a judge next month.

Trooper McVey remains on administrative duty. We reached out to the state highway patrol for comment. Lt. Bill Miller confirmed the agency is investigating internally. He says the Hamilton County district Attorney's office is also investigating the incident. A spokesperson for the district attorney's office, Bruce Garner, said he could not comment on the investigation.