A Marion County man says he will be out $30,000 to repair damages from a contractor who was supposed to renovate his home, but left behind destruction instead.

Bobby Webb says he is disgusted. He gave contractor Kenny Knowles $8,000 only to realize that Knowles provided fake permits, and the company he claimed he worked for did not exist. 

 "I looked at them. They looked legitimate, but they were not, come to find out," says Webb.

He says this began in April of 2018 and it has been nothing but problems ever since.

"A year and a half later, things are falling off. We have water damage, pests are coming in, our electric bill for the first four months skyrocketed," Webb told Channel 3. 

He says the contractor botched their home, leaving behind a hazard for his family.

"Sprayed it down-- went to wipe it, pulled back and my fingers were all bloody. There were nails and screws poking through the wall," Webb said, recounting a time he tried cleaning up the mess.

Webb hired another contractor to repair an electrical problem he says was left behind by Knowles.

"Took it off and said you're lucky. Your house could have caught on fire easily or you could have been electrocuted," Webb recalled. 

Webb has filed multiple complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. 

Channel 3 called Kenny Knowles to get his side of the story. Knowles said he had no comment.

Bobby Webb hopes this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"Who you hire, check them out really well. They may show up with paperwork and a lot of times it's fake like he did me," warned Webb.

Webb plans to take legal action.

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