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Long wait times and headaches are the standard for some people as they head to DMV offices.

The Hamilton County Clerk's Office is now issuing Real ID licenses and we've gotten reports of people making multiple trips to the DMV, adding up to five hours, which has been a problem with people with medical issues.

“Because my husband is a diabetic, he's just had a little chocolate drink. So, it's very hard. I don't know why they can't something about this,” Dorris Taylor said.

Taylor says her morning started at 10 a.m. at the DMV on Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank.

"I'm here to help my husband get his driver’s license and I came in at 10:03 and it's 10 till 1 now. It's taking this long and he's still waiting,” Taylor said.

There have also been wait times reported of 6 hours at the Bonnie Oaks location.

But as the waiting games seems to be never-ending for her and her husband, others had no idea what they were walking into.

"No. I probably would have planned ahead and I would have come in a couple weeks ago, when I had time to just sit here all day,” Gabriella Squartino said.

According to the County Clerks Office, Real ID is a new process, which takes time to process documentation for everyone.

They encourage people to bring the right forms.

"But we are still waiting. And there are a lot of people in there still waiting. I don't know how much longer it will be,” Taylor said.

As wait times have topped six hours in Hamilton County, it might be best to bring a friend.

"Cause I took time out of my day to ride with my friend here, but then we find out that it's over three-hour wait. So I just took time out of the day,” Maiah Ellis said.

The deadline for Real ID is October 2020.