UPDATE: Murray County Sheriff's Office arrested Billy Williams and Kimberly Fulmer on August 8. Kimberly Fulmer was in the passenger seat and Billy Williams was behind the wheel of a van when Williams tried to run over three Murray County deputies, according to Sheriff Gary Langford. 

Sheriff Langford said the Murray County Sheriff's Office got a tip on Thursday night that Williams was on Jim Petty Road. 

"He tried to run over approximately three of my deputies and then he came out into the road, and when he came out onto the road almost striking one of the patrol cars," said Sheriff Langford. 

A deputy fired shots to try to slow Williams down. 

"He struck the, I believe it was the left front wheel the tire went down the vehicle went off into the ditch," said Sheriff Langford. 

That's when Williams ran into the woods, and it took a 30-minute search for deputies to find him. 

It was Chief Deputy Jimmy Davenport and another sergeant who went into the thick brush to find him. 

"A day prior he put who knows how many people at risk, he is a fleeing felon we need to end this, we need to end it now," said Davenport. 

When they found Williams in the bushes, he was only 10 to 15 feet away from his car, and the fight to elude law enforcement was over. 

"He was unable to move, just exhausted in pain from a previous ankle injury," said Davenport. 

He said they had to carry Williams back to the road, so an ambulance could take him to the hospital. He said the found prescription pills on him, and the search warrant on his vehicle might produce more charges. 

 Williams is currently being held in the Murray County Jail and all deputies involved in the incident are OK. 

The deputy who fired shots is on paid administrative leave, and the GBI is reviewing his actions. This is protocol for the Murray County Sheriff's Office whenever a weapon is fired. 

Williams is facing four counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer, along with active warrants in Whitfield County for fleeing or attempting to elude a felony, and reckless driving. 

Fulmer is charged as an accessory to the aggravated assault charges. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Whitfield County Sheriff's Office says they are looking for a man on suspicion of various charges after a car chase that occurred on the evening of August 7.

Chatsworth resident Billy Joe Ross Williams is suspected of Failure to Maintain Lane, Giving False Name and Date of Birth, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Felony, Too Fast for Conditions, Passing on Double Yellow, Reckless Driving and Driving With Suspended License.

According to a report, a Whitfield County deputy noticed the vehicle Williams was driving on Highway 286 in Whitfield County was "being suspicious." The deputy pulled Williams over.

During the traffic stop, the deputy asked for his license, but Williams said he didn't have it and proceeded to give the deputy a false name and date of birth.

When the deputy asked him to step out of the vehicle, Williams took off.

The deputy notified dispatch of the situation and proceeded to chase him.

During the chase, Williams drove at 90-plus mph and passed several cars on a double yellow line.

The chase continued into Bradley County, Tennessee and the deputy attempted a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) to stop Williams several times.

Upon a successful PIT, Williams' car was disabled and he fled on foot.

Two K-9 dogs from the Bradley County Sheriff's Office were sent to find Williams but he wasn't found.

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