Hamilton County Schools will have an extra $26 million to work with in growth money for a total of $418 million budget. 

"So really this budget we were able to cover all of our bases maybe not to where we wanted them to be but at least enough to divvy it up here and there," said Tucker McClendon.

According to District 8 School Board member McClendon, this extra money will provide students and teachers additional resources. 

"So college and career advisers in every high school, some counselors, reading interventionists, behavior specialist, in-school suspension monitors at every high school and also eliminating school fees," said McClendon.

In more than 180 positions Hamilton County schools added, 10 will be special education teachers and 35 will be special education assistants. 

"So accordance to our three-year plan for Special Ed, we're fully funding that, whereas before we weren't going to be able to," said McClendon. 

They were also able to give teachers a $1,500 bonus in November. New teachers will get paid more than $40,000 and some teachers will be getting raises. 

"So we expanded our step raises, so our veteran teachers that were maybe maxed out are going to see step raises," said McClendon. 

Schools across the district will be seeing about $18 million in repairs. McClendon said East Ridge High and Middle School will receive about $1.9 million in repairs. 

"So this budget is about $3 million, but back in May we also approved using $15 million from our fund balance to tackle some much-needed repairs across the district," said McClendon. 

Another part of the budget is the contract with First Student. That contract costs the district $11 million. This company provides an app so you can track your child's progress.