County Clerk Bill Knowles said, “The Tennessee Department of Safety has completed staff training enabling the County Clerk’s 201 Courthouse office to receive applications for a REAL ID driver’s license.  REAL ID applications are also received at the two local Driver License Test Stations located at 6502 Bonny Oaks Drive and 4873 Dayton Blvd.”

Knowles said, “I’m pleased that our Courthouse office is able help accommodate local citizens by issuing the REAL ID Tennessee Driver’s License. The law mandates all persons 18 years of age and older beginning October 1, 2020, to have a REAL ID license or a valid unexpired passport for boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft, accessing most federal buildings, and entering nuclear facilities. Motorists not needing clearance for either of the above reasons are not required to upgrade their driver’s license or identification card with the REAL ID designation. These motorists may choose to continue maintaining a regular State driver’s license. “ Non-compliant driver’s license and identification cards issued will display the phrase, “NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION.”

“A REAL ID license is not required to drive, vote, prove identification when making purchases, access hospitals, visit the post office, access federal courts, or apply for and receive federal benefits such as social security or veterans’ benefits.”

“ The State and Federal application process for obtaining a REAL ID requires considerable documents and information to apply for the upgrade. Applicants must present an original birth certificate or valid, unexpired U.S. passport along with an original social security card or their original IRS W-2/1099 form (within the last 12 months) displaying their full social security number and two proofs of Tennessee residency from the State’s list of acceptable documents. Additional name change documentation may be needed, for example an original marriage certificate and/or certified divorce decree if the applicant’s name on their driver’s license/identification differs from the name on their birth certificate or U.S. passport. No copies, only originals or certified documents will be accepted.”

“Two proof of residency documents required include residential gas, electric, or a water utility bill issued within the last 4 months.  Also, a current Tennessee vehicle registration receipt, bank statement dated within the last 4 months, IRS tax return dated within last 12 months. A current homeowner’s or renters insurance policy will also provide proof of residency.”

“Individuals born in Tennessee not having access to an original birth certificate may apply for a duplicate at the Hamilton County Vital Records Department, 921 East Third Street, 37403. Birth certificate information may be obtained by calling (423) 209-8025.”

Knowles said, “In 2005 Congress mandated The REAL ID Act for establishing minimum security, authentication and issuance standards for State driver’s license and identification cards. The law is designed to make airline transportation safer, reduce identity theft, identify fraud and crimes involving driver’s license, and support nationwide efforts to prevent terrorism.”

 The Clerk’s 201 Courthouse office is open 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and located at 625 Georgia Avenue, 2nd Floor, Room 201, Chattanooga, TN 37402.  Driver’s license services are subject to a $4 fee. Transactions require cash, Mastercard, American Express, Visa or Discover.