Snow Hill Elementary School opened in the fall of 1982 as a replacement school for Meadowview Elementary and the old Snow Hill School. An additional wing was built in 1986 to meet the needs of the expanding enrollment. Continued growth in the area resulted in a second new school being opened in 1990 with many of the students in the area being rezoned to that new school. 

In 1985-1986 Snow Hill Elementary School was recognized as a National School of Excellence. Only two elementary schools in Hamilton County have received national recognition. Snow Hill's proud heritage is maintained today in the excellent programs offered by a dedicated staff.

In 2018, there were just under 600 students in grades PreK - 5th. Snow Hill Elementary will open the 2019 school year with a new look as the addition and renovation have been completed and ready for children on the first day of school. The addition includes a new multipurpose gym area, 12 new classrooms, improved pickup/drop-off area improved with improved access for vehicles, and a reconfigured office area and main entry.

"It's a great community school," boasts Principal Kimberly Pringle. "There's a connected-ness even as we are growing, there's a connected-ness that is unlike I've ever seen at any elementary."

Over the next few years, Snow Hill will expand to upwards of 800 students. Teachers and staff say they are excited to showcase the new and improved facility.

"It is an amazing thing to be able to offer this nice and extra space to our kids," says Pringle.