The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Tuesday that investigators are looking into the Dayton, Ohio shooter's interest in violent ideology to determine what influenced the 24-year-old to open fire outside a bar Sunday.

Channel 3 has learned that one of the nine people killed was 30-year-old Logan Turner. He's the brother-in-law of US-101 radio personality Melissa Turner, who many of you know as "Mo."

"He was such a sweet spirit. He was full of life," she said.

Logan Turner was out with friends celebrating his birthday when he was killed outside Ned Peppers Bar in Dayton, Ohio.

"To lose your life at the age of 30 in such a way, it's just, you can't explain it," Turner added.

Logan had just started a job as a machinist when his life was cut short.

Through tears, Turner shared the news with her listeners during her show on Monday.

"I live a life where I share a lot of my life with my listeners everyday and you know, this is a story that I was not going to be able to hide," she said. "To just have something like this happen, there's anger and there's sadness and you just really don't know how to cope with all of these emotions that you're going through right now."

Turner is taking time to process those emotions and remember Logan for the life he lived.

"It's easy to blame it, whether it's a political aspect, or a gun law aspect and I'm not saying there's not change that needs to be made, no doubt about it. But change that can happen today, that people can do today, is to be kind to somebody," she said.

Turner says the outpouring of support, messages and prayers has been amazing and she appreciates them all.