The Athens Police chief  is calling on a hotel in the city to "consider the effect the Athens Lodge is having on the citizens of Athens."

Early Monday morning, two officers responded to the hotel for a medical emergency.

An off-duty firefighter heard the call and also responded.

There, they found a 29-year-old man on the floor - likely suffering from an opioid overdose. An off-duty crew of Athens firefighters also arrived on scene and performed first aid on the man.

Narcan was administered to the man and he was taken to the hospital.

Athens Police Chief Cliff Couch commended the officers, who recently with through training to use Narcan as needed.

But Couch called on the hotel's owners to take action, saying in a release "The Athens Police and Fire Departments spend a great deal of resources responding to an inordinate amount of calls at this location. Many of these calls are drug-related, and this no doubt contributes to a great deal of the crime and quality of life issues in Athens. I hope that the management and owners of this establishment will consider the effect the Athens Lodge is having on the citizens of Athens and take action to rectify the issues there."