Thousands of students are heading back to class this week. 

With a new school year, comes the need for new school supplies. 

It's an expense for teachers as well. 

Charis Reagan, a math teacher at Bradley Central High School, was in her classroom hours before the first bell.

She was preparing her supplies for the new school year.

"You know we put in a lot of our own money," Reagan said.

She said several teachers have been working on grants for extra supplies. 

"We've brought in over a $125,000 dollars in grants in the last three years so that's really helped a lot," Reagan said. "That's helped supply some of the more expensive items that we can't supply on our own."

It's stressful for many teachers like Erin Kirby, an induction specialist for Hamilton County Schools. 

"Each classroom gets $100 that is a BEP fund and while that's incredibly helpful and teachers are very appreciative of that, that just doesn't go very far," Kirby said. "When you look at chart paper and chart paper markers and Post It's and the kind of notes home that you need to send, things like that, it goes really fast."

That's why volunteers with the Hamilton County's Teacher Supply Depot work to give those supplies away for free. 

Dwight Hunter, acting president of Teacher Supply Depot, said they have about two events each year. 

"The goal is to have teachers come in and get as many supplies as they need," Hunter said. "So we give them about 30 minutes of shopping time so they go in their 30 minutes slot and fill up as much as they can and take out."

He said they usually have at least 300 teachers at each event. 

"You would be surprised at what the supplies they don't have and a lot of times it's just basic stuff, paper, pencils, and binder," Hunter said. 

Hunter said the events are for public teachers in Hamilton County.

If you aren't a PTA member, you can join for $5 which allows you to shop for free for the entire year. 

The first event will be held toward the end of August. 

Volunteers are still accepting donations. 

For more information, you can email volunteers at