The death toll in El Paso, Texas has risen to 22 after a mass shooting at a Walmart on Saturday.

Less than 24 hours later, another gunman opened fire in a popular Dayton, Ohio entertainment district, killing nine people.

Pastor Kevin Wallace of Redemption to the Nations Church was in El Paso two weeks ago, doing humanitarian work at the border, which is why what happened over the weekend has him praying for change.

"That we keep guns out of the hands of those who have evil intent. Spirit of the living God, we are praying for Washington to get its act together,” Wallace said.

Wallace led church members at their monthly prayer meeting. They are praying for El Paso and Dayton.

"And I'm praying that our congressman and congresswomen and our administration. We aren't talking about trying to hinder our constitutional rights, but some of this stuff is something we can control,” Wallace said.

Wallace feels a special bond with the people affected by this tragedy, knowing 22 people lost their lives has him heart broken.

"My heart is going to be heavier. Because we need to say something. We need to demonstrate something. We need to take action in America in a way that protects our country, but it also demonstrates compassion,” Wallace said.

Wallace says the nation is divided and these tragedies are being politicized. He says the best way to end mass shootings is to come together as one.

"Even if we disagree, we don't have to hate each other. We can have different opinions and still do life together, live in the same communities and that's why we pray. If we will just get our hearts right, sit down at a table and talk, we can be both compassionate and express and demonstrate common sense for the better of all our communities,” Wallace said.

Wallace says he is heading to a different part of the southern border in two weeks to do more humanitarian work, but will always remember his stay in El Paso and continue to pray.