Adam Braseel was convicted for the murder of Malcolm Burrows in 2007 and today he is a free man.  

Braseel took a plea of best interest on Friday. He spent his first few days out of prison at his home in Pelham, TN.

"I feel great, I'm free," Braseel told Channel 3.  He's pressing play on the life he remembered. 

"I hugged my mama, I hugged my sister, and then we went and got a hamburger," said Braseel. 

He spent the last 12 years behind bars for a murder he always said he didn't commit. 

"I'll never get back some of the things that I've lost. It's incredibly sad what's happened," he recalled.  Braseel says he took the plea deal on Friday, pleading guilty in his best interest to aggravated assault, even though he says he wasn't guilty. He now hopes to get all charges expunged from his record. 

"It was so terrifying to think I may be in there the rest of my life as an innocent man," he said. 

Adam's sister, Christina Braseel, says it's been a long journey to bring her younger brother home.

"I'm tired, I'm tired," said Christina.  They're now seeking a new normal. Going to church for the first time Sunday as a family was an emotional experience.

"The preacher has a wonderful letter that he wrote and it first said 'Adam you will no longer be known as 432115," Christina told Channel 3. 

Adam Braseel says so many people fought hard to get him home, now he wants to help others fighting a wrongful conviction too.

"They have made a big difference in my life and now I want to do the same for others," Adam said. 

The family says come Monday morning they'll begin trying to get Adam exonerated and only once his record is wiped clean will they consider justice served.