It was a happy day for 17 young women from across the Tennessee Valley with special needs. 

The 7th annual 'Miss Beautiful Pageant' took place this evening in Chattanooga. 

The participants arrived at the East Brainerd Church of Christ in a limousine. 

"When they step out of that limo and have a huge audience of people who are cheering for them and yelling for them-- I think it hits them that wow-- all those people are here for me-- they are cheering for me," said organizer Caitlyn Gobble. 

This is Gobble's 7th year of organizing the pageant. 

"All the participants will have their hair, nails, and makeup done so it's a lot of fun. People dedicate their whole day to make it happen," Gobble told Channel 3. 

She says it's rewarding to see how happy it makes the young women. 

"They love it, getting all dolled up is their favorite part," Gobble said. 

Volunteers pampered the participants for hours before they took center state. 

At this pageant, age is only a number. 

"Our oldest I think is 48," Gobble said. 

Talents included dancing, singing, and sign language. 

"Some are really shy at first but just seeing them branch out and open up is really beautiful," Gobble told Channel 3. 

The night ended with every participant awarded as a winner.