Many of us parents have forgotten a lot of what we learned in these classrooms and to be honest, some of what kids are being taught these days, we just don't understand. But I found an app that doesn't just give kids the right answers, it helps them learn.

Helpster pairs students with a tutor over a live video chat. Select a subject then connect with a verified tutor somewhere in the United States. Since it's live, the tutor and student carry on a conversation face-to-face just as they would if they were in a private tutoring session.

Tutors are selected by Helpster and are approved to help in subjects they've studied. I found tutors approved to help for all age groups. elementary school through college. The student pays around 20 dollars an hour for tutoring but most tutors don't require a full-hour to be scheduled.

Helpster is such a popular app with parents and students that the company is looking for more tutors. To apply, you'll need to show where you went to school and your degree. Select your subjects and if you're approved you can start tutoring students on your own schedule. Log on when you're available. You get to keep 75% of the fee while Helpster keeps 25%. 

Most of the tutors I found were college students and recent college graduations. Helpster gets great reviews from students, parents and their teachers.