Chattadata is a new open data portal for the city of Chattanooga that can provide residents daily information about what's happening in their area. 

With this tool, you can access everything from crime numbers to the number of bike rentals in Chattanooga. Citizens can also check out 311 requests, and how long it takes for the city to respond. You can see requests daily. 

"If you wanted to you could actually submit your request and get your request ID and you could probably go and find that in this data and probably go and see how your request is doing," said Andrew Sevigny. 

Sevigny is a performance analyst with the city of Chattanooga and helped develop the Chattadata website.

He said Chattadata is an easier way to access city information and keep track of it. 

"To go to neighborhood associations to get more people into the data setting alerts and using the data to where they can have a better understanding of what's going on around them," said Sevigny. 

You can set alerts to notify you when a crime is committed near your home, or when a 311 work order is filed nearby. 

"Send me a message and say he there was a brush pickup that happened near you." said Sevigny. 

311 and police data are updated nightly. 

"But almost every data set that is out there is updated nightly but there are some that might be updated weekly, monthly, annually and that just might be due to data availability," he said. 

Other data, like property crime reports, are updated monthly, and that is noted on the page. 

You can see the property crime data number here

This is website is so that citizens can see what's doing well, and what still needs to be worked on. 

"We believe in an open government," said Sevigny. 

And if someone is having trouble navigating the website, you can click here for video tutorials.