Brianna Mason made history when she was crowned Miss Tennessee 2019, as the first African American woman to win.

Her life has changed dramatically since that day, but during her stop in Chattanooga on Thursday, she told Channel 3 she is still just a normal 24-year-old who teaches first grade students, loves her family and her cat, Knight.

“If you saw me five years ago you would never think that I would one day become Miss Tennessee. This organization has taught me so much and really grown me as a person,” she said.

The new bedazzled crown she wears has her new crown came with a new lifestyle; one she dreamed of.

But it also comes with a bigger responsibility.

With her new platform, Mason is focused on giving back and advocating for childhood literacy and autism awareness. While also reminded others who look like her they can do whatever they put their minds to.

“It's not anything that I will ever complain about because I am just so honored to have this job and it's amazing. Every day is different,” Mason said.

But Mason is not ashamed to admit her journey has not been easy.
“There's naysayer's, there's people who think you can't do it especially looking at the history of Miss Tennessee that comes before me. None of them look like me so i put it upon myself to make history,” she explained. “I competed for the title of Miss Tennessee for four years and so this year was a combination of all that the hard work and time that I put into achieving this goal.”

These days she says looks for peace and comfort to help balance it all. Something she finds in Chattanooga, her home away from home.
“It's amazing to kind of slow down and my nana will make me a cup of coffee and I get to hang out with her cat. It's really nice to have that time to take a breather and just be Brianna for a little bit.”