Clean up efforts are finished at Hamilton Place Mall after heavy flooding swept through the area on Wednesday, but the problems have just begun for drivers whose cars were in the parking lot when it poured down rain.

"The water was everywhere," Morgan Kreis told Channel 3.

She says not even an hour into her trip to Hamilton Place on Wednesday, cars in the parking lot were up to their headlights in rainwater.

"It came out of nowhere. We had no idea," Kreis explained. "The parking lot was full.
There were about 30 or 40 (cars) that were definitely flooded."

A spokesperson with Hamilton Place tells Channel 3 the flooding was the result of heavy rain that moved into the area and didn't have anything to do with the construction happening.

Kreis recalls the scary moments she watched rainwater begin to rise in the parking lot where her mom's new Ford Flex was parked.

"She just bought it so she was nervous thinking that her car was gonna be flooded. It was close. If I had waited another five or 10 minutes, it would've been underwater," she said.

In a split-second decision, Kreis says she ran move her mother's car.

But for other drivers who weren't so lucky, mall officials are recommending people contact their insurance providers.

It's a decision insurance agent Hank DeHart says is the best course of action.

"Talk to them about next steps, maybe get a recommendation for a shop to kind of give you an overall estimate of the damage before you file a claim and then pursue a claim and let them take it from there," he said.

DeHart says the next big question drivers should ask is whether their insurance will cover it.

"Unfortunately, for those who have liability (coverage) only, they might not have a lot of help because for groundwater being where it's not supposed to be, which is kind of the way you define a flood. That's typically going to fall back on your comprehensive (coverage)," he explained.

Hamilton Place's spokesperson tells Channel 3 even with a similar forecast expected today, they don't anticipate that kind of flooding happening again.