The world’s longest yard sale kicked off Thursday morning.

From north to south, this yard sale is nearly 700 miles that span 6 states.

More than a hundred yard sale vendors line along Highway 127.

“It's just a great opportunity to meet individuals, and declutter our homes,” said Angie Bandy.

Thousands of people are expected to shop at one, or all of the nine locations in the Tennessee Valley.

Many customers are enjoying this event with a group of people.

Sandy Hendrix from Mississippi makes this a girl’s trip every year.

So far they've spent almost 6 hours driving to Chattanooga.

“I have two cousins that come and a friend of mine,” said Sandy Hendrix. “So there are four of us, and we find lots of good stuff.”

Angie Bandy and her family save their stuff all year so, they can participate in this yard sale.

This year, some of the items they are selling are from the Signal Mountain Middle School Christmas concert.

She says a portion of the proceeds will go back to the band.


“Items that need new homes,” said Bandy. “Whether it's children or adults clothes games or toys,”

After these shoppers find the items they want, it's time to continue their designated route to the next sale.

“Well we just drive from stop to stop to stop,” said Hendrix.

Chris Arruda spent a few days visiting her grandkids in Florida before the sale.

Now that it's time for them to head back home to upstate New York, they decided to drive along 127 to continue the summer fun.

She says they are prepared for the trip.

“Pack up some sandwiches on the way,” said Chris Arruda. “So if we don't want to stop, we don't have to.”

In case they run out of food or want something different, Vash Balogh and his brother are there to help.

Last year, they sold lemonade during the yard sale, and this year they wanted to expand.

“We have two cookies in a bag for $1.02 Oreo packs for a dollar,” said Vash Balogh. “Then a cup of lemonade for a dollar.”

This yard sale ends August 4th. For more information visit