An arrest in Hamilton County earlier this month is the reason why many community members are calling for change at the sheriff's office.

Two deputies are on paid leave, accused of using excessive force during the arrest of James Mitchell.

After the Hamilton County District Attorney's Office released dash camera video, we wanted to learn more about the deputies involved.

According to employee records, this is the first time deputies Daniel Wilkey and Bobby Brewer have been subjects of an internal affairs investigation.

Records show both deputies were suspended with pay on July 11, after an internal affairs investigation was opened.

The pair were ordered to return all department equipment like duty weapon, ID card, badge and keys over to the department while the investigation was open.

Bobby Brewer started his career in law enforcement in 2015 working court security for a sheriff's office in Kentucky.

Brewer wrote on an application that he was fired from the Dalton Police Department after he failed a test on Georgia law and worked at the Hamilton County Jail before starting as a Hamilton County deputy.

In a handwritten letter, Brewer wrote being a deputy was a childhood dream and he wanted to make a difference in someone's life.

Brewer was recognized in October 2018 after a chase on I-75 led to three people being arrested and a gun and drugs being recovered.

A supervisor wrote Brewer did "an outstanding job for as young as he is in his career."

Daniel Wilkey began his career as a Rhea County dispatcher in 2011.

He worked as a military police officer in the Army National Guard for three years before being honorably discharged.

Records show he was involved in an officer-involved shooting that killed a man in Rhea County in 2015 when the man gained access to another deputy's gun inside an emergency room.

The district attorney ruled that excessive force was justified.

Records show Wilkey talked about the shooting during his interview with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and talked about how he overcame the emotions that come with that kind of experience.

Both deputies remain on paid leave while the investigations continue. Channel 3 continues to attempt to reach them for comment on the investigations.

When and if we hear back from them, we'll share their comments.

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