UPDATE: It was a messy situation for shoppers at Hamilton Place Mall on Wednesday afternoon.

“Rain got the better of us today at Hamilton Place,” Hamilton Place Mall Marketing Director Taylor Bostwick said.

Video sent from viewers show rainwater pouring through the roof inside the mall at cosmetic store Sephora. A handful of other stores closed early due to flooding as well.

“With the flash flood, rain just came in and completely overwhelmed our system. It backed all into the mall,” Bostwick told Channel 3.

The food court as well as the other stores remained closed for the rest of the day. Other video shows cars in the parking lot at Hamilton Place halfway submerged in rainwater.

The severe weather left a mess for crews to clean up.

“We had some debris from our gutters and out here on the sidewalks that has come up into the food court,” Bostwick told Channel 3.

Bostwick says the rainwater that poured through popular stores at Hamilton Place left around an inch of standing water inside the mall.

“It's hard to tell what kind of repairs we'll see. We do have some flooding coming through the ceiling, so I'm sure there will be some damage. Hopefully, it's minimal though,” said Bostwick.

She says it could have been a lot worse.

“We didn't have any major roof collapse. There's no major damage. There was no one injured, just a lot of water on the ground,” Bostwick said.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Flooding at Hamilton Place Mall is causing some issues for employees and shoppers on Wednesday.

CBL spokesperson Taylor Bostwick says all hands are on deck as mall employees work to stop and clean up the water.

Bostwick says the issue is becoming a safety hazard and mall officials are trying to decide if they should close for the day.

Video shows water coming from the roof of the cosmetic store Sephora.

Flooding is also causing problems in areas around the mall.

Video by Channel 3 reporter Hunter Hoagland shows standing water on Gunbarrel Road near the East Brainerd Road intersection.

Channel 3 has a crew at Hamilton Place Mall.

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