UPDATE: The National Transportation Safety Board has released their preliminary report on the July 30 landing of a small plane that ended up skidding off the runway at Chattanooga Airport.

The pilot, Ronnie Jones, his wife Amanda and 18-month-old son Lincoln were flying from a vacation in Destin, Florida. They were planning to land at an airport in Dayton, Tennessee, where they live.

In the report, Jones told investigators that the warning light for the landing gear would not go out. He cycled the landing gear, and then continued on his flight. When Jones arrived in Dayton, he was unable to extend the landing gear while on his approach leg prior to a landing attempt.

Jones declared an emergency and attempted to pump the landing gear down via the emergency gear-extension handle. That wasn't successful and he then noticed hydraulic fluid on the floorboards near the passenger seat.

He then diverted his flight to Chattanooga Airport, landing on runway 20 with the nose gear down and locked and the two main landing gear partially extended. As the airplane decelerated it veered to the right, hit a taxiway sign, and slid to a stop in the grass.

Examination of the accident scene by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector revealed that the airplane's main landing gear was collapsed. The right rear empennage was torn, and the right and left horizontal stabilizers were substantially damaged. The wreckage was retained for further examination.

PREVIOUS STORY: Fire officials say an emergency was declared for a small airplane that was trying to land at the Chattanooga Airport on Tuesday.

It happened shortly after 3:30 p.m.

Chattanooga Fire Department spokesperson Capt. Chuck Hartung says three people were on board the plane.

Capt. Hartung says the plane ultimately landed safely.

A photo sent to our newsroom by a Channel 3 viewer shows the plane ran off the runway after landing.

No one was hurt.

Details of the emergency with the plane have not been released at this time.

Airport officials say the incident caused a delay for other flights, but say they are now back on schedule.

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