One of the largest manufactures of breast implants in the world is issuing a recall after a specific type of implants was linked to cancer. 

Allergan issued a recall of its textured breast implants following a request from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Mark Brzezienski, a plastic surgeon with the Plastic Surgery Group in Chattanooga, said the office has been getting a lot of calls from concerned women. 

"The texture we believe has been implicated into the development of a subsequent lymphoma called ALCL," Brzezienksi said. 

BIA-ALCL is a cancer of the immune system.

He said he hasn't seen a patient with this type of cancer so far. 

However, the calls are still coming in. 

"So if you have bio-cell implants and you feel good and the appearance of your breast is virtually the same as it has been since you had your bio cell implants placed 10 years ago there is really nothing to do at this point," Brzezienksi said. 

If you have noticed a difference in your breasts, Brzezienksi said you should be re-examined by your plastic surgeon. 

He said medical professionals are still working to figure out how these type of implants could be linked to this cancer.